009 Vincent Joly – Self-Confidence, Public Speaking and Burnout

Vincent Joly, French Entrepreneur, Neuro-Linguistic Programming expert and Hypnotherapist, teaches us about Self-Confidence, Techniques for Public Speaking, Burnout, and his upcoming book “The Right to Exist” on how to deal with trauma.

Vincent Joly is a French Entrepreneur with business studies. His mission is to give people a sense of importance and give them a meaningful experience. He runs an international Model Agency, is the Vice-President of the French Model Federation, a Colonel of the Gendarmerie as reservist, decorated by the Ordre National du Merite and the President of the Volleyball Club Marcq-en-aroeul.

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Episode Notes:

For Hypnotherapy: make sure you trust a hypnotherapist and you make sure they’re certified by a recognized organization.

Conscious and subconscious:

  • Conscious: social position. What’s your job, family life, status, etc
  • Subconscious: it’s the real boss. It saves your experiences, remembers your trauma and protects you with stress

Tips for Public Speaking

  • Have a 10 second introduction that you have practices many times. It’s very important for the subconscious, by second #11 it says, “it’s ok, we’re safe”
  • If you’re nervous, massage your wrists with cold water before the presentation
  • Slow down when you’re mentioning an important message
  • Be aware of your volume, rhythm, intonation and body language

Tips on Self-Confidence:

  • In social media we create a false sense of confidence
    • The picture you post must be a picture of the real you
    • The feedback you get is from people you don’t know
  • Do you take time to speak with the people you know for feedback?


  • Symptoms include concentration problems, trouble getting out of bed or falling asleep
  • You might like or love your job but we can take too many responsibilities
  • Create time for you: Meditation, music, sports, hobbies
  • The sleeping hormone usually comes at 8pm and another 11pm, if you skip those two, it’s very difficult to go to bed because you can be very nervous
  • Sleeping cycles: drowsiness, intermediate Sleep and Paradoxical Sleep, this last one is the important step when your subconscious become conscious and you dream

Book: The Right to Exist and how to deal with Trauma

  • Stories about trauma that can help people
  • Your unconscious is your boss

Final message: make your life a dream and make that dream a reality, but never forget that the most importan are the human beings who are by your side and make you bigger everyday.

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  1. Vincent Joly says:

    Thanks a lot for this nice time and the interest in charing my experiences


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