About Books Notes

I don’t read in bookstores and don’t have many physical books but a picture of a Kindle is not as cool.

Books hold a special place in my life. They’ve been a vehicle for learning and, in really tough times, a soothing distraction.

You might enjoy or get more value of spending 5-10 hours doing a different activity. If so, here are my book notes that I’m making public.

This isn’t a replacement for the books. They’re highlighted text or notes with no context. If some of the concepts spark interest, I encourage you to buy and read the book.

I have how strongly I recommend it on a scale from 1 (low) -10 (high).

I do read fiction but I rarely take notes on them, If you want some recommendations, let me know. It helps me regulate before going to bed.

I loved Derek Sivers’ book notes so much that I copied it, trying to make it my own.