What I’m working on:

Blog. In December 2019, I committed to reviving my blog and writing one post a month. When I’m not learning or teaching, I feel unmotivated and without a purpose. The blog is a great way of sharing and teaching when I couldn’t find a consistent avenue for tutoring/mentoring kids.

Podcast. Since 2017 I’ve fantasied about creating a podcast to learn from people I admire. I used to have long phone conversations with my friend Andres. We would share so many great stories, ideas and supported each other. In late 2019, at the end of one of them, I jokingly said: “we should record our conversations and do a podcast”. He recruited our friend Max and now we’re experimenting and enjoying it.

Book Notes. I used to tell my friends: “you HAVE to read this book”, but when they asked me for a summary I had trouble keeping it high-level or would just forget the key concepts of the book. Inspired by Derek Sivers, I’ve been taking notes of books since 2017. Now, I’m making them public.

Humanitarian Aid for Venezuela with Venezuela’s Voice in Oregon Foundation

Music. I love music but have always made excuses to form a band or perform. 2020 is the year I perform in public. I have a May 15th deadline to play in an open mic night.


What I’m learning about. Share any resources that you might find valuable through or my Instagram @iamfranciscoblog

The beliefs and rituals of the world’s most popular religions to re-evalue my own.

Mythology Stories: Greek, Norse, Egyptian, Native American.

How to care, train and ride horses. The most challenging part is keeping your emotions in check. It’s like Excel, they’re just responding to your inputs. When they’re not doing what you want, 99.9% of the time it’s your own doing.

Social Media Posting and Web Design to improve the blog and podcast posts.



Meditation with Sam Harris’ Waking Up App. I’m giving it a try based on the recommendation of my friend Andres.

Cooking: in the cuarantine, I’ve gone from batch mass cooking for work lunches to cooking every lunch and dinner. I’mlearning from my brother, the internet and books.

Yoga. At the beginning of 2019, I started attending restorative yoga classes and after more than a decade, I finally found the activity that gets me consistently in the gym.

Jiu-Jitsu (on pause). I’ve always had fear of fighting and one of my friends always spoke wonders of Jiu-Jitsu (#KarateLife) as a sport that gives you a great workout, teaches you humility and makes you less physically aggressive. I tried it in 2018 but I didn’t feel comfortable. I gave it a try again in January of 2020 and connected with the group and I’m enjoying it.