002 Podcast Influencias Positivas, Vulnerabilidad y Preguntas Incomodas

Andrés, Max y Panky hablan sobre las reglas 3 y 4 del libro 12 Reglas Para Vivir – Jordan Peterson. Historias y consejos prácticos sobre la importancia de las amistades que quieren lo mejor para ti, la importancia de comunicar tus necesidades, emigrar y el proceso de auto-identificación, preguntas incómodas para definir el éxito en tus propios términos y la comparación externa en vez de interna.More

The Rise of Superman: Decoding the Science of Ultimate Human – Steven Kotler

A good mix of extreme sports stories, science, and practical advice. He uses action sports as a vehicle for flow triggers. Flow is an optimal state of consciousness, you feel your best and perform your best. Flow is a luxury in most domains, but necessary for action and adventure sports. My favorite part: you lose the inner critic in flow state.More

Restart Reading

Read great stories before bed. They are the most ancient way of teaching wisdom and you’ll build the habit of reading. Then expand slowly to non-fiction.More

Story Books

Read great stories before bed. It will help settle your mind, release the fears of the day and prepare it for rest. Stories are the most ancient way of teaching wisdom. You’ll even become a better communicator and you’ll slowly build the habit of reading.More

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts – Gary Chapman

Date Read: 2020-02-09. How Strongly I Recommend it: 10/10

If you struggle to talk about feelings, this is a must-read. Powerful and short for how we communicate affection or love, after the in-love obsession phase. The way you show affection is how you want to be loved. We might speak different love languages so our acts of love might not fill our partner’s “love tanks”. Identify you love language and the other person’s, then learn and practice how to “speak” that love language. Empty “love tanks” get relationships trouble. It has good stories to teach the languages. 100 pages of the good stuff, then some other ideas and FAQs. More

001 Podcast Ansiedad, Sargentos y Agresión

Andrés, Max y Panky discuten parte del libro de Jordan Peterson 12 Rules for Life (12 reglas para vivir) y terminamos hablando de la ansiedad, la voz interna abusiva y los beneficios de las Jiu Jitsu.More

12 Rules for Life – Jordan Peterson

A book that gives some structure if you’re scattered mentally or thinking Nihilistically. Extracts amazing practical wisdom out of biblical stories. Addresses the resentment that tends to come with extreme agreeableness and those who tend to avoid conflict. Rule 11 is a 10/10. I recommend watching some of his lectures, he has a captivating way of speaking.More